The salon is synonymous with a place to treat beauty and hair health for women. Not infrequently women feel at home in the salon to carry out a lot of hair care. Starting from cutting hair, cream bath to hair coloring. Usually, some women have a favorite salon in carrying out such hair care. Either because the distance of Hair Salons near me like the salon near with home or the location near with the place of activity, or able also because of the good services provided. But in addition to these two things, there are several other factors that need to be considered in determining the right hair care salon.


The recommendations we receive from family or friends that a hair care salon is certainly more interesting and more reliable. We will undoubtedly be more interested to come to the salon after getting satisfactory information from people we know. In addition to recommendations from family or friends, the reputation of a good salon could be one of the considerations to treat our hair in the salon.

Professional Workers

As consumers, of course, we more determine the personnel who are experienced in hair care. Especially when a hairstylist that has a good reputation and reputable. If the hairstylist ever received an award in the field of care or hair arrangement will certainly get more value in our eyes.

Hygiene Tools Used

A perfect and clean salon is certainly very concerned about the cleanliness of the tools used by customers. For example, providing a clean, odorless towel or cloth, washing the scissors or comb after it is used so that it becomes sterile again at the time it will be used. Just imagine if the tools used are not sterile, of course, will not be good for hair health. In fact, it is not impossible that the tools are not sterile could be a means of spreading diseases caused by fungi, viruses, parasites, and bacteria.

For example, resembling dyed hair after carry out hair bleaching attached to a towel or cloth that is used up by others. When the skin will cause itching and even pain and irritation. Bacteria are also capable of causing inflammation that later incarnates folliculitis pus in which the hair can be reddish and itchy extraordinary. While the virus is able to cause herpes disease. But not a few consumers do not realize that the reaction is generated from salon tools that are not clean when used.


The convenience of a salon is certainly one factor to consider in determining hair salon. By getting a comfortable atmosphere then we will not be bored if linger in the salon.

Completed Products

This one factor is often forgotten. The perfect salon for hair care is a salon that has complete accommodation ranging from tools used to care products offered. For example, haircuts, cream bath, hair spa to hair mask. When we visit the salon, sometimes we want to carry out several hair treatments at once. Surely it would be very beneficial if the salon that we visit provides the hair care we want. We recommend that the products we use in treating hair already have permission from official health, so as to be conducive to use.

By audrey