The best part about the arrival of summers is that you have a lot of preparation to do. From getting the perfect summer clothing to purchasing summer shoes, the entire process is a lot of fun. Whether you are going for shorts or pants, it is necessary to have a relatable footwear with it to ace your look. It is necessary to get such shoes that can help your feet breathe in fresh air. Since summer call for a lot of heat, people often tend to make certain mistakes that ruin their summer outings. Make sure to look at some of the best collection of the Famous Footwear summer shoes. Let’s have a look at some of the common mistakes that people tend to make while purchasing their summer shoes.

  1. Sporty shoes with trousers and other summer outfits: You might have second thoughts to it, but trust me, it doesn’t go well. Trainers are ideally worn by people who hit the gym on regular basis or workout but having an appropriate footwear for them isn’t that easy. In case you are opting for trainers, make sure that you put on proper summer shoes rather than white socks and white sneakers.
  2. Putting on formal shoes and combining them with trainer soles: Although you would love to keep it casual in summers, because, let’s be honest, that’s the way to go. And it is advisable that people should mix and match with colors rather than sticking to a simple coloring scheme. The only thing that one should ensure is that they should not rapidly change the leather soles. In addition to this, rubber soles are not changed readily so one should ensure that they are only changing the leather soles only.
  3. Sneakers are not formal shoes: People often tend to confuse themselves with this. Yes, leather sneakers are somewhat good-looking and a touch expensive too. But in no way means that you put them on with a 3 piece suit at a formal meeting. Make sure that you do not wear that combination at any time as it is fairly informal.
  4. Wearing flip flops or slippers on every other occasion: Yes, flip flops are incredibly comfortable and relaxing, but that doesn’t mean that you wear them on outdoor occasions. If you do want to maintain a decent appearance, then you must opt for a better choice than usual slippers. Flip flops are ideal for a much casual outing like a beach party or a picnic outing with friends. It’s better to go for a covered sandal rather than open ended slippers.
  5. Keeping summer shoes away from the overall collection: Although everyone wishes to have a specific summer collection. However, this in no way means that you should disregard all the other shoes away. There are certain shoes and boots that you can keep alongside your other summer shoes. There are specific shoes like, loafers, oxfords, or even some boots, that are breathable enough that one can afford them any day. Make sure that they do not heat up your feet from the inside.

By audrey