It must be a delight to live in a generation where anything can be ordered from the comfort of your home. Less stress and effort means online shops are increasing at a great incidence. The current spotlight is on e-commerce. But there is still the menace of overwhelming information to combat. To order for an online good, you’d still need to wade through endless google results before you meet your preference. The reason online shoppers should read listicles that serve as shortcuts for their needs and preferences.

This listicle, however, is about budget shoppers. We define a budget shopper to be that consumer who is after maximum satisfaction at minimum cost. If you were to check, you would find the opinions of consumers who have been rational with their purchases. Their rationality goes from products to stores the goods can be bought at pocket-friendly prices. Online shop reviews as encapsulated by these opinions have provided us with insight to make this list. Find below the 7 best online clothing stores if you are a shopper on a budget.

1.      Forever 21:

 Founded by the duo Do Won Chang and Jin Shook Chang, Forever 21 is an American store famous for its discount clothing sales. The company has its headquarters in Los Angeles and has been in the business of low-cost accessories, clothing, and beauty products since 2014. Although the store’s return policy isn’t quite the deal, it offers several fashion items at reasonable prices, perfect for resellers and budget shoppers.

2.      ASOS:

This is an online retail store that deals in the online fashion and cosmetic products. Founded by a group of friends — Nick Robertson, Andrew Regan, Quentin Griffith, and Deborah Thorpe — ASOS has its range of clothing lines in addition to the over 850 brands the company puts on sale at discounted prices for budget and normal shoppers.

3.      Topshop:

Affiliated to ASOS, Topshop functions as a separate entity with its will and independent operation. The company was preceded by Peter Robinson before it went bankrupt. It is an online retail store that sells women’s clothing, shoes, and other accessories at prices that can’t be found anywhere else.

4.      Target:

Founded by George Dayton and John Geisse, Target (also called Target Corporation) is a retail store that specializes in clothing and accessories such as shoes, jewellery, etc. The company is one of the largest stores in the US.

5.      The Outnet:

As the name implies, the Outnet is all about online fashion products and accessories. The store has a range of items and brands that are regularly updated. These products come at a reasonable discount ideal for budget shoppers.

6.      H&M:

With a huge discount on designer clothes, bags, and shoes, Hennes & Mauritz should be that regular retail outlet for your fashion products on a budget. The price for each item is unbelievably reasonable.

7.      Old Navy:

Founded about 26 years ago, Old Navy has been in the business of clothing retailing. The company also sells fashion accessories, all of which can be purchased at a budget price.


If you are ever looking for online stores to get your fashion products and other accessories, consider these 7 stores mentioned above.

By audrey