Many students love the idea of keeping up with trends. It’s a huge priority for most students if they have at least a handful of fashion trends in their wardrobe.

As seen on opinions from, as much as this is a common pattern for most students, sadly, many students cannot keep up with the amount of money that most of these trendy high fashion outfits require. Some dwell on their credit cards for this. But, dwelling on your credit card to sort you out isn’t a healthy financial decision.

Always read credit companies’ experiences dealing with risk customers. Nobody wants to be in such a situation. Aside from loving to meet up with fashion, another thing students love is discount rates. Operating on a limited budget requires students to live within their means and some top online fashion retailers help with that. Here are some.

1.       ASOS:

ASOS is a leading online fashion brand. They sell a variety of fashion items depending on what you’re looking for. And the best part? Their clothing and accessories are all affordable for both men and women. They offer a decent value for the money you’ll be spending. Their price range is low, very easy to access the website and the part you’ve been waiting for—they are always having discounted items and having sales. As a student, you can get as much as a 10{537a299a5d69b4f3bfb4568acb2551834a8008c584edb9998c260dd3cf483005} discount.

2.       Topman/Topshop:

Another online fashion store students can shop from is Topshop. They sell good quality and affordable clothing. Topshop is like a student favourite—many students shop from Topshop. They carry a lot of trendy clothes that are mostly student trends. And, they also offer a 10{537a299a5d69b4f3bfb4568acb2551834a8008c584edb9998c260dd3cf483005} student discount.

3.       PrettyLittleThing:

PrettyLittleThing is your plug if you’re looking to buy cheap quality fashion and also bargain prices on their dresses. The fashion brand has a reputation for selling on-brand outfits and up-to-date trends(mostly female wears). They offer a swooping 20{537a299a5d69b4f3bfb4568acb2551834a8008c584edb9998c260dd3cf483005} student discount.

4.       Amazon:

Now Amazon isn’t entirely an online fashion brand. But this e-commerce company has a reputation as a “retail all-rounder”. Amazon has a great fashion section on the site and it’s mostly filled with pretty good fashion sales. The price range on Amazon ranges from medium to high and they sell a lot of high trend fashion, an easily accessible website and the company has a student discount policy that offers free shipping to students with Student Prime. You can always check for student discounts while buying.

5.       Missguided:

Still on that list, Missguided is another top-rated online fashion retail store students can buy from at affordable prices. They do not just offer enticing prices, the brand also has a variety of trendy fashion in different sizes and styles. The brand offers a 10{537a299a5d69b4f3bfb4568acb2551834a8008c584edb9998c260dd3cf483005} student discount and you can as well pay £5.99 a year for unlimited next day delivery.

There are many online fashion stores students  can buy from but these are some of the tested and trusted.

By audrey