Times have changed, the marketing trend has also changed. Therefore email is no longer just a tool for sending letters or messages, but as a supporter of a business to generate sales. Email marketing is the most effective way to establish connections with your prospective customers and direct them to become your loyal customers.

So, why is email marketing important?

According to a study conducted by Radicati Group, more than 34{805ad053f79ce0cf4fd712f7a3de13b0351bb6113d0d1e8ce48adc12119938ab} of people worldwide use e-mails such as e-mail. The number is clearly around 2.5 billion people. The number of e-mail users is expected to increase to 2.8 billion users in the next 2 years. The Research Institute also takes into account that the world sends around 196 billion emails every day. The total of 196 billion e-mails, 109 billion are business e-mails. Big amount? Very large.

Many believe that email has long been abandoned in online marketing activities, and now all are turning to social media. But it turns out that many email marketing experts have actually been able to boost their business by sticking to their ability to market products via email. You can see the more information about email marketing at Campaign Monitor.

Why Email?

Why choose email to be used as a business marketing opportunity on the internet? The answer is very simple because all your identities on the internet will always be associated with email. Whether it’s the social networking site that you have, or if you register to become a member of the online store, all of them will always associate with your email address. Even e-mail is also used as the most important source of information for storing your data such as passwords. So, you, as an internet user, will certainly not get out of this electronic mail. The reason is strong enough why email is used as one of the medias to boost your marketing on the internet. Every day there will be hundreds of new emails created throughout the world, so the opportunity to market products via the Internet is quite good.

If you choose email as a tool to market your product, there are some tips and strategies that you need to know beforehand.

  1. Build list building first

The first step is to have a customer email list that you will make as your target customer. How to? There are several ways that can be done, one of them is by means of the WSO (Special Offer Warrior). Where this method is a strategy to get an email list from potential customers for free, but in return, you have to give a special offer or bonus coupon. From this method, chances are that there will be many potential customers that you can prospect to give your product offer.

  1. Give positive content regularly

On the internet, there is a term that says that content is king. Maybe the term will not be replaced by anything. But good content won’t be enough. You who use e-mail as a product marketing strategy, at least the content you provide must have a positive value contained in it and benefit them (prospective customers). Try when you provide content via email must be done regularly and continuously. Not enough influence if only done once or twice.

  1. Re-sort the e-mail list to prospect

From the number of email lists that you have collected before and after you provide content. Usually, there are several prospective customers who are quite interested in what you provide. Try to sort back any email list that seems interested in getting information from you next. The email list that you have sorted again is what will become the prospect for your target consumers, and ready to be given product content.

  1. Continue to provide content on all email lists

Prospective customers who were not previously included in the e-mail list to behave prospected, not necessarily they do not need what you have given. They could not have needed it at that time. So, don’t stop to continue to update and share content with all the email lists that you have. Who knows they will be interested in your product in the future.

  1. Differentiate product content with content in the form of tips

If one Sunday there are 7 days the comparison is 1: 3. So if you can share every day in the form of content that contains tips and information that would be useful. One Week You can have the opportunity to carry out promotions in the form of your product content twice. Remember, don’t do product promotions too often, because sometimes it will be very annoying to your prospective customers.

  1. Have a good relationship

To establish a good relationship with your email list or consumer list, the way is not just to continue to share content. You can occasionally give birthday wishes to those who are celebrating their anniversary or you can wish them a happy day at certain moments. This aims to build a good relationship with all consumers in your email list.

By audrey