How we dress is a very important topic in the world today. The topic of dressing is very extensive and what matters most about fashion is how to dress well and what tells if a person dresses well.

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Here are signs to look out for in a person to know if the person dresses well or not.

1.  Belly overhang

When a person has a belly overhang, it shows that the person is not well-dressed. A belly overhang happens when your stomach folds over your waistband. And this may happen because the belt, pants, or both is too tight. Probably you have gained more weight over time; you should buy a new pair of jeans!

Also, a healthy diet can be a cause. There are various online vegan food delivery services reviews that you can read about to help you eat healthily and make your dress look good on you.

2.  How you mix colour

We are free to wear whatever we like, but there are some principles we must follow when mixing colour, so we do not look shabby. When you see people that mix light colours on another light colour, for instance, wearing a pink top on a yellow skirt dressing will always look odd, this is an indication that the person is not well dressed. But when a person wears a shade colour on a light, for example, wearing a grey suit and a lemon shirt, the dressing looks pleasing because of the principles that guide colour mixing.

3.  How you mix patterns

Wearing pattern on pattern may be wrong, and sometimes it might be right depending on how you mix it. Identifying a person who dresses well, the first thing you should look at is how the person mixes with colour. Wearing a pattern on pattern is always wrong when both patterns have various colours. So the first thing you should look at is the colour of each pattern before wearing it.

Also, when a person sticks to one palette, it signals a good idea! You can wear a white and black horizontal striped blazer with white shorts to create a fascinating and modern-looking casual outfit.

4.  The kinds of accessories you wear

Accessories can make your dressing outstanding when you properly use them. When a person does not wear more than 3-4 accessories, it means the person is well-dressed. Various principles guide the wearing of accessories, and once one follows these principles, it helps the outfits look extraordinary.

Principles like hiding a bulky scarf inside your cloth when you wear a big collar cloth, you do not need to wear a wristwatch when you wear a nightdress, your bag colour does not have to be the same with your bag! These are things you can watch out for when identifying a person that dresses well.

5.  The kind of outfit you wear to an occasion

You might have followed the principles of dressing but when you wear the wrong outfit to an occasion is the same as not dressing well. The occasion also matters in deciding if a person dresses well. For instance, wearing a big top on a short knicker to visit a friend during an evening walk might be right, but wearing the same outfit to work on a Monday morning will be wrong because the occasion does not permit such a dressing.

By audrey