All students hit on Belgium excursion dispatched from hospital by food poisoning

All of the kids from a Leeds school who have been taken sick on school trip in Belgium happen to be discharged.

All but four of most of the grownups and the kids were dispatched on Tuesday.

“I ‘m very happy to mention the four pupils who stayed in the hospital been dispatched and certainly will now be returning home,”

“This has clearly been a worrying time for the families and friends of these who were about the excursion and I will be incredibly thankful for the patience and understanding they’ve shown as we attempt to share info together and keep them updated.

“We are going to continue to support the pupils and families as we cope with this particular event and I would like to reiterate my thanks to the Belgian authorities among other people that have been so helpful and affectionate.”

Local media reports said after a crisis strategy was activated those impacted were taken to seven hospitals in the region.

A school spokesman said it was “still unsure” what caused the sickness.

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